The Teschendorf-Derheimer Environmental Law Clerkship

Established by Glenn Teschendorf and Mary Ann Derheimer

The Teschendorf-Derheimer Environmental Law Summer Clerkship was established in 2021 by Glenn Teschendorf and Mary Ann Derheimer. They chose to establish a named clerkship to ensure that MEA is able to effectively address emerging environmental threats such as PFAS contamination. Glenn and Mary Anne—both lifelong environmental and social justice advocates—say giving law students the opportunity to gain real-life experience is an effective way to “kickstart” the careers of future environmental champions.

Clerkship Awards by Year

Libby Antonneau, University of Michigan Law School

Libby has a strong background in environmental and energy policy research. After earning a Bachelor of Science in Management in Legal and Environmental Studies from Tulane University, she enrolled at the University of Michigan Law School. Growing up along the shore of Lake Michigan, Libby lived not far from one of Wisconsin’s largest coal generation stations. As an undergraduate, she lived in New Orleans, just down the Mississippi River from more than a quarter of the country’s petrochemical production. Although the industry provided jobs to the community, Libby saw how devastating it was for the health of local residents. These experiences contributed to her desire to pursue a career protecting the environment and the health of her community.

Generous support for Libby’s clerkship has also been provided the University of Michigan Law School

Elise Ashby, University of Minnesota Law School

Elise’s interest in environmental law was sparked by an environmental policy class during her freshman year at Arizona State University. After earning a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Elise worked for the Arizona Attorney General’s Office and for a nonprofit legal services organization before enrolling in law school at the University of Minnesota. Having grown up in the Badger State, Elise is passionate about environmental issues that affect Wisconsinites and the western Great Lakes region.

Generous support for Elise’s clerkship has also been provided the University of Minnesota Law School

Iyana Alleyne, University of Illinois College of Law

Iyana received a bachelor’s in environmental studies and gender studies from Mount Holyoke College. She is a law student at the University of Illinois College of Law and a research associate at the Breadfruit Collective, a grassroots organization in Guyana that operates within the intersection of environmental and gender justice. In 2022, Iyana played a key role in planning the inaugural Caribbean Women for Climate Justice Conference, which highlighted the voices of women in the Caribbean region who are working to tackle the global issue of climate change. Iyana is eager to gain experience in the field of environmental advocacy so she can serve as a voice for her community in Barbados and for others that are similarly impacted by climate change.

Trisha Sharma, Lewis  Clark Law School

Trisha is enrolled in a dual degree program with Lewis & Clark Law School and Portland State University School of Business. Her interest in environmental law and policy grew out of her undergraduate education in conservation biology and her experience as an Americorps member with a non-profit farming and food bank organization called The Food Group. Having grown up in Minnesota, Trisha has a deep appreciation for the environment and communities of the Midwest and is delighted to serve these communities once again as an MEA law clerk.

Kimberly Ortleb, University of Minnesota Law School

Kim has a strong background in the natural sciences and extensive experience in data analysis and research. She enrolled at the University of Minnesota Law School after earning a dual degree in chemistry and government from the University of Texas at Austin. Her interest in environmental law and policy grew out of her experiences as a grassroots organizer at Texas Campaign for the Environment and as a legislative intern in the office of Eddie Lucio, III, a member of the Texas House of Representatives.

Kimberly Ortleb
2021 Teschendorf-Derheimer Law Clerk