Environmental and Public Health Groups Call on Governor to Veto Pro-Polluter PFAS Bill

More than a dozen Wisconsin environmental and public health groups joined MEA in sending a joint letter urging Governor Evers to veto Senate Bill 312, a PFAS bill that fails to deliver much-needed aid to communities impacted by PFAS contamination and ultimately leaves those communities worse off by letting polluters off the hook for their fair share of cleanup costs.

Senate Vote to Reject Four NRB Appointees Puts Politics Ahead of Environment and Public Health

Today, the Wisconsin State Senate voted to reject four of Governor Tony Evers’ appointees to the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board, including the first tribal member and the first woman of color ever appointed to the board. The rejection of four eminently qualified appointees brings a new level of partisan dysfunction to a part of government that is supposed to work for all of us.

PFAS Bill Would Let Polluters Off the Hook

Supporters of a PFAS bill under consideration in the Legislature say it would provide much-needed aid for communities impacted by so-called “forever chemicals”, but the bill could end up leaving Wisconsinites worse off. That’s because the bill contains troubling provisions that would limit the state’s enforcement authority and shift the cost of cleanup from polluters to taxpayers.

EPA Seeks Public Feedback on Proposal to Limit PFAS in Municipal Drinking Water

For the first time, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is proposing to establish enforceable water quality standards that would limit certain PFAS compounds in the nation’s drinking water. Strong opposition from industry is expected, and public support will be critical to getting the standards across the finish line.