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Episode 4: David and Goliath

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For the final episode of Public Trust, we head to the communities of Peshtigo and Marinette in northeast Wisconsin, where we meet local residents who have been engaged in a yearslong battle with a multinational company that polluted their drinking water with PFAS. We learn how community members have come together to fight for clean water and why they are committed for the long haul. 

Host Richelle Wilson interviews Trygve Rhude, who had just finished a three-decade fight to delist the Menominee River as an Area of Concern before he found out his water supply is contaminated with PFAS.

Ruth Kowalski, a retired educator, has relied on bottled water since she found out her home’s water supply was contaminated in 2017.

Peshtigo and Marinette are two neighboring towns in northeast Wisconsin. The PFAS contaminating the area’s aquifers come from a nearby firefighting testing facility and AFFF foam manufacturing facility.

Kayla Furton shares her experience of getting involved in grassroots organizing and local politics through the group Save Our Water (SOH2O).