Legal victory

Standing up for Energy Equity and Affordable Solar Power

When two of Wisconsin’s biggest utility companies announced plans to increase energy rates and unfairly reduce compensation for rooftop solar owners, MEA took action to ensure the economic viability of rooftop solar in Wisconsin. 

Case Summary

IIn 2023, Madison Gas & Electric (MGE) and Wisconsin Power & Light (also known as Alliant) requested approval from Wisconsin’s Public Service Commission to increase energy rates and reduce the amount that rooftop solar owners receive for excess energy they return to the grid (a process known as net metering). 

The changes proposed by the utilities would have increased the energy burden on low-income communities and put rooftop solar out of reach for more Wisconsin families.

In order to ensure the affordability of rooftop solar in Wisconsin, MEA provided legal representation to 350 Wisconsin, a climate justice organization that intervened in the MGE and Alliant rate cases. 

Together, MEA and 350 Wisconsin appeared before the Public Service Commission and successfully argued against the changes proposed by the utility companies.  

The PSC’s decision to preserve net metering couldn’t have come at a better time. Mitigating the worst impacts of climate change requires us to dramatically scale up alternatives to fossil fuels as quickly as possible and at every level.

Stephanie Robinson

350 Wisconsin

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A Win for Climate Justice! Regulators Reject Utility Company’s Proposal to Overhaul Residential Solar Policy

At a meeting of the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin today, regulators rejected a proposal by Madison Gas & Electric (MGE) to overhaul net metering, a process that allows rooftop solar owners to be compensated for excess energy generated and returned to the grid. MEA client 350 Wisconsin applauded the PSC’s decision, calling it a win for climate justice.

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