an alternative to i-94 expansion

Fix at Six

Transportation officials are proposing a controversial $1.1 billion dollar expansion of I-94 in Milwaukee. The plan would increase our dependence on cars, add to greenhouse gas emissions and cause disproportionate harm to Milwaukeeans of color. That’s why MEA and other members of the Coalition for More Responsible Transportation are advocating for an alternative that prioritizes the health and wellbeing of people living adjacent to the corridor. 

As part of a coalition, MEA commissioned the “Fix at Six” report to promote a sustainable alternative to expanding Milwaukee's I-94.

The Fix-at-Six Plan

Our coalition commissioned expert transportation planner Mark Stout to review the feasibility of options other than expansion— options that will promote better access for the surrounding neighborhoods, reduce carbon emissions, and improve access to jobs, healthcare, and basic goods for everyone. 

The result of this effort is the “Fix at Six” report, which promotes the Transit/Rehab alternative for I-94.

The Fix at Six alternative would:

  • repair and modernize the road, but keeps the current six lanes.
  • add additional bus rapid transit (BRT) access along the corridor by building a second BRT route along National and Greenfield Avenues and north-south along 27th street.
  • promote walking and biking infrastructure, particularly along the stadium freeway.