EPA Seeks Public Feedback on Proposal to Limit PFAS in Municipal Drinking Water


For the first time, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is proposing to establish enforceable water quality standards that would limit certain PFAS compounds in the nation’s drinking water. Strong opposition from industry is expected, and public support will be critical to getting the standards across the finish line.

Contact the EPA and tell them you support the proposed standards.

  • Go to the Federal eRulemaking Portal
  • At the top of the page, click on “Submit a Formal Comment”
  • If you need help formatting your comment, see our sample letter here.
  • The deadline for submitting comments is Tuesday, May 30. 



Dear Administrator Regan,
Thank you for taking a historic step to regulate PFAS in public drinking water. I strongly support the proposed standards, and I urge EPA to finalize them as quickly as possible.
For decades, PFAS have contaminated drinking water supplies for millions of people across the country, resulting in increased rates of cancer, developmental and reproductive harm, and other serious impacts.  PFAS have been found in the blood of nearly every individual in the United States, including newborn babies who are exposed in utero. 
In Wisconsin, two-thirds of the population relies on municipal drinking water. PFAS pollution is affecting an increasing number of communities throughout our state. To date, over 70 Wisconsin communities have confirmed detections of PFAS in their water systems. This number is expected to increase as statewide testing continues.
Despite the serious health risks associated with PFAS, there are currently no federal limits on PFAS levels in drinking water. EPA’s proposed rule would provide safer drinking water, reduce health risks and save thousands of lives.
I urge the agency to finalize these proposed standards as soon as possible to protect public health in communities in Wisconsin and across the country.
[name & contact info]

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