Vote NO on Constitutional Amendment Questions in August


With so much media attention focused on the November election, it’s easy to forget that another important election will take place just four weeks from now. Wisconsin’s August 13 partisan primary will include races for the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, as well as races for U.S. House, state Senate and state Assembly.  

But that’s not all that will be on the ballot in August.  

Wisconsin voters will also be asked to approve changes to our state constitution. If approved, the two constitutional amendments would change how federal funds are distributed in Wisconsin.  

This might sound innocuous, perhaps even a bit boring, but there is a very real threat of harm to the people of our state and the important issues—like education, public health, and environmental protection—that many of us care about. 

Here’s why MEA is urging voters to vote ‘NO’ on the constitutional amendment questions. 

The amendments would upend our system of checks and balances. 
In most cases, the governor and the legislature work together through the state budget process to distribute federal funds. The proposed amendments would take power away from the governor and give the legislature sole discretion over how to distribute federal funds through the budget process.  

The amendments would hamper emergency response. 
The proposed amendments would add layers of additional red tape to the process of distributing federal funds, which would slow our state government’s ability to respond to natural disasters and other emergencies. It could also slow or even halt the distribution of federal funds aimed at helping Wisconsinites take action on climate change. 

The amendments are deliberately confusing. 
These amendments were designed with deliberately confusing language and are the first constitutional amendments ever put on a low-turnout August election ballot. The special interests supporting them don’t want Wisconsin voters to understand them or have their voices heard. 

Visit to learn more, including how to register, where to vote and what will be on your ballot on August 13. 

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