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Wisconsin Wetlands Association Model Wetland Conservation Ordinance

The model wetlands conservation ordinance resource guide from the Wisconsin Wetlands Association is a comprehensive tool for zoning, planning and land conservation staff, local elected officials, Tribal government and staff and anyone advocating for their community to improve stormwater management, flood protections, preserving Trial cultural resources and protecting our environment. The resource includes full and partial model ordinances, a look at the value of wetlands conservation, weighing the risks vs benefits of developing on or near wetland acreage, and why preserving wetlands on a watershed scale is valuable to local communities.

CAFO Toolkit: Protecting Your Community From Existing and Proposed Concentrated Animal Feeding Opera

When an industrial animal farm proposes to locate or expand in your community, know the basics of water and air regulations and your property rights. This toolkit covers how to stay informed and participate in CAFO permitting processes.

Wisconsin DOJ Public Records Law Compliance Outline

Published by the State of Wisconsin's Department of Justice, this overview of public records law is geared for public officials and members of the public to understand their obligations and rights under public records laws.

Being Heard:  A Citizen’s Guide to DNR Hearings

This handbook discusses the DNR’s administrative hearings and provides general information about the different types of hearings, how you can request a hearing, and what you should expect if you decide to participate in a hearing.

Big Box Ordinance Tool Kit

This Midwest Environmental Advocates tool kit provides insight and information on how to establish local ordinances that can limit the detrimental impacts that big box stores can have on communities and the environment.

The Facts About Nutrient Pollution

A two-page fact sheet from the U.S. EPA regarding the sources, effects and impacts of nutrient pollution in the U.S.

Stormwater Tool-Kit

This 2007 tool-kit provides an overview of stormwater regulation in Wisconsin, including information on what to do if you spot a violation of these laws.

Open Meetings Law Tool-Kit: How the Open Meetings Law Can Help You Protect Your Community

Most recently updated in 2007, this tool-kit is a resource for Wisconsin citizens who are seeking to understand public access to government meetings and decision-making practices.

Public Records Law Tool Kit: A Guide to Wisconsin’s Public Records Law

This toolkit provides citizens with a basic understanding of Wisconsin's public records law and how you can use that law to monitor government decisions and hold our government accountable.

A Guide to Community Organizing

This is a basic, easy-to-follow guide on how to organize your neighbors to take action regarding a problem in your community.

Protecting Wisconsin’s Water: A Conservation Report and Toolkit

This 2005 report provides policy recommendations to shape the future of water conservation in Wisconsin.

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