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Wisconsin Environmental Laws

Frac sand mining laws and rights update for citizens and local officials - July 2016

July 14, 2016 update on the laws and local control powers in frac sand mining includes current context of mining for local residents and governments, defining legal terms, rights of towns in protective zoning and ordinances, "home rule" doctrines, local control ("police power") for health and safety, and the scope of local authority. Also covers citizen petitions for local action, nonmetallic mineral deposit registration (or mineral rights), and eminent domain.

Standards and Management Practices for Animal Feeding Operations

Natural Resources Code - NR 243 - Animal Feeding Operations.

The Public Trust Doctrine

Article 9, Section 1 of the Wisconsin Constitution lays out Wisconsin's Public Trust Doctrine. This is a body of common and statutory law that says that the state holds the the waters of the state in trust for public purposes. This extremely important right, guaranteed by our state Constitution, is the foundation of water law in the state of Wisconsin.

An Overview of Wisconsin’s Livestock Facility Siting Law

A Midwest Environmental Advocates publication regarding Wisconsin's livestock facility siting law.

Water Quality Standards for Wisconsin Surface Waters

Natural Resources Code - NR 102 - Water Quality Standards for Wisconsin Surface Waters

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