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Proposed industrial sand facility would destroy acres of pristine wetlands

Jan 05, 2017

Meteor Timber's application to establish an industrial sand facility could fill in a record number of natural wetland acres in Wisconsin. 

Spot checks of water pollution permits aren’t enough

Dec 08, 2016

What does the DNR reorganization plan mean for water pollution prevention in Wisconsin?

La Crosse Court OK’s Limited Environmental Review of Rail Expansion Permit

May 19, 2016

Citizen challenge to BNSF wetland and bridge permit dismissed by court.

Why exempting fish farms from water and wetlands protections gives industry a free pass

Jan 12, 2016

A new legislative proposal's short notice for a hearing kept citizens from participating in the discussion. Fortunately DNR comments made state and federal water law protections clear.

Why a polluter grab bag bill would be bad for public rights to water

Jan 07, 2016

Assembly Bill 600 (and Senate Bill 459) would erode Wisconsin’s wetlands protections and conflict with basic tenants of our state constitution that protect the public’s access to water.

La Crosse Area Residents Ask Court to Stop Rail Expansion During Legal Challenge

Jun 03, 2015

Petitioners cited threats to safety and environmental health from the plan to expand rail lines carrying crude oil through their community.

DNR Change to BNSF Permit Adds More Problems to Rail Expansion Plan

May 06, 2015

Amended permit circumvents public rights and environmental protections.

Citizens concerned with DNR process to permit rail expansion file legal challenge

Mar 09, 2015

Petitioners are asking the court to reverse the DNR’s decision to grant the permit and require the agency to prepare an environmental analysis that complies with the Wisconsin Environmental Policy Act.

Crude oil rail line through La Crosse wetlands approved by DNR

Feb 09, 2015

Lack of an Environmental Impact Statement may run agency afoul of state law.

Phosphorus legal settlement will make the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway better

Jan 15, 2015

The Riverway Conservation Easement Project is the rare, win-win outcome of a lawsuit settlement among citizen conservationists, landowners, state government and an innovative Wisconsin business.