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News tagged as "public trust doctrine"

Aquaculture bill raises concerns for the environment and the Public Trust

Mar 13, 2017

Fish farming bill would be a giveaway of public resources to private industry

Keeping the focus on water: why shifting pollution permits from DNR to DATCP raises questions

Mar 13, 2017

The case against Department of Ag permitting of our state’s largest agricultural operations.

Statement from Friends of Sturgeon Bay Public Waterfront on federal court decision

Jan 27, 2016

Friends of Sturgeon Bay Public Waterfront look forward despite ruling regarding venue.

Treating fish farms like factory farms is bad for the health of our water

Jan 22, 2016

MEA board member Dave Clausen explains why a legislative proposal would exempt the aquaculture industry’s requirement to follow laws that protect Wisconsin's water.

The Public Trust and AB 600 - a giveaway of public land and access to our water

Jan 13, 2016

Column from MEA's founding board member, Arlen Christenson, on why proposed legislation would violate constitutional protections for land held in the public trust by state government.

Why exempting fish farms from water and wetlands protections gives industry a free pass

Jan 12, 2016

A new legislative proposal's short notice for a hearing kept citizens from participating in the discussion. Fortunately DNR comments made state and federal water law protections clear.

Why a polluter grab bag bill would be bad for public rights to water

Jan 07, 2016

Assembly Bill 600 (and Senate Bill 459) would erode Wisconsin’s wetlands protections and conflict with basic tenants of our state constitution that protect the public’s access to water.

Appeals court opinion shows need for better state laws to protect downstream waters

Dec 02, 2015

State statutes are inadequate in allowing the DNR to fully comply with federal Clean Water Act laws and protect downstream water from upstream pollution.

Why Water Crises in Toledo and the Gulf Matter to the Upper Midwest

Aug 07, 2014

Toledo's water is back on. But citizen concerns about whether we have green water or clean water could be eliminated due to a pending decision by Wisconsin's Natural Resources Board.

It Is Not Open Season On Wisconsin’s Wetlands, Despite a Recent state Supreme Court Decision

Jul 19, 2013

In a response to a Wisconsin Supreme Court decision, Midwest Environmental Advocates’ founder, Melissa Scanlan, wrote a commentary that warns against broad interpretations of the court’s opinion. While the court’s opinion considered the role of Wisconsin’s public trust doctrine in the case, ultimately the precedents that protect our state’s waters were not overturned.