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Webinar: Citizen Voices Matter for Environmental Protection

Jan 18, 2014

Here are the basics on how citizens in Wisconsin are holding their government accountable for the decrease in environmental law enforcement.

All Eyes on Jackson County - Zoning Ordinance Changes Could Impact Land Use for Generations

Aug 14, 2013

When frac sand companies pressure local governments to redefine land from agricultural to industrial use, family farms and the quality of rural life are at risk.

FTS Frac Sand Mine Air Pollution Permit Challenged: Stronger Permits Needed To Protect Public Health

Jul 29, 2013

MEA filed a petition for a contested case hearing on an air pollution control permit for a frac sand mine in Trempealeau County, WI on behalf of citizens who are concerned about silica dust.

Kewaunee Residents’ Concerns about Water Pollution Linked to Industrial Dairy Will Get a Hearing

Apr 18, 2013

On Thursday, April 18, Midwest Environmental Advocates will represent residents of Kewaunee County residents concerned with the proposed expansion of a concentrated animal feeding operation.

Mining Legislation Will Threaten Wisconsin’s Public Health and Environment

Jan 16, 2013

The proposed open pit mine would be in one of the most pristine watersheds in the world thanks to conservation work of the Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa who have lived there for hundreds of years. This would be the biggest iron mine in the country; one would think a project of that scale would receive the highest standard of scientific review with full opportunities for citizens to participation as opposed to a warmed-up version of the G-Tac wish list from last session.

76 Million Gallons of Cow Manure Stored Above Ground - DNR says OK, Area Families file Legal Action

Oct 16, 2012

Kewaunee County families are fighting a DNR decision to allow the expansion of an industrial livestock operation, with the capacity to produce 72 million gallons of liquid manure each year. The animal waste will be spread across the landscape in an area where many wells are already contaminated.

Milwaukee Community Groups Ask Court to Block Highway Interchange Expansion

Aug 07, 2012

Two organizations supporting racial and environmental justice – the Black Health Coalition of Wisconsin (BHCW) and Milwaukee Inner-city Congregations Allied for Hope (MICAH) - filed suit in federal court, challenging the Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s efforts to spend $1.7 billion to rebuild and expand the Zoo Interchange at the same time transit is being slashed. Midwest Environmental Advocates and the ACLU of Wisconsin are representing the organizations.