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Action Alert: Pledge Your Support for the Great Lakes Compact!

Feb 05, 2019

Pledging your public support for the core principles of the Great Lakes Compact sends a message to policy makers and elected officials that you take seriously your responsibility to protect our shared natural resources, and you expect them to do the same.





Great Lakes Compact Marks 10-Year Anniversary

Oct 04, 2018

As we mark the 10th anniversary of the Great Lakes Compact this week, there is plenty of reason for celebration as well as significant cause for concern.

Waukesha’s water diversion plan and the Attorney General’s DNR opinion

Jun 09, 2016

If the city's request to divert Lake Michigan water is approved by Great Lakes Governors, could the Wisconsin AG's opinion keep the DNR from honoring and enforcing a  protective, amended plan?

CAFO Q&A with Bayfield County Resident Rallying for Clean Water

Feb 17, 2015

Meet Mary Dougherty - a Bayfield County resident who is helping members of her community speak up for protecting clean drinking water for their families and for future generations.

Cultural Mapping Project to Document Stories of Bad River Watershed

Jun 11, 2014

Bad River Water & Culture Maps is a participatory, multi-media project that will collect stories about the land and water that defines this important watershed.

DNR grants early permit for exploratory drilling in the Penokee Hills

May 31, 2013

In this area, there is water everywhere and the ecosystem needs stronger protections from core or bulk sampling and the devastation an open-pit mine would bring. Our reaction to today's news.

Midwest Environmental Advocates founder appointed to lead Vermont Law’s Environmental Law Center

Mar 19, 2013

MEA board and staff congratulates the organization’s founder, Melissa Scanlan, for her appointment as Vermont Law School's Associate Dean and Environmental Law Center Director.

MEA letter to WI State Assembly on mining legislation

Mar 07, 2013

Today, the Assembly faces a final vote on a bill that exempts a mining company from critical environmental protections. Assembly Bill 1 would prohibit the WDNR from stepping in to stop activities they found to be dangerous to public health and the environment. Current law would allow the WDNR to take immediate action to stop activities related to the largest proposed open-pit iron mine in the nation. Further, the size and scope of a proposed mine in the Penokee Range demands an autonomous and science-based review of the impact a mine would have on the landscape and on the water. Unfortunately AB 1 puts an unreasonable limit to what this science costs. From the beginning, legislators have steered a broken process in a rush toward a finish line where the people lose.

MEA reaction to Senate passage of mining deregulation bill

Feb 27, 2013

The vote in the Senate today marks two years of state lawmakers ignoring the majority of their constituents who are opposed to environmental roll backs, in order to push through a bad bill written largely by an out-of-state company to exempt themselves from our state’s environmental protections.

The Real Truth about Iron Mining Legislation: Deconstructing Misleading Information from WMC

Feb 25, 2013

Midwest Environmental Advocates and the Sierra Club have conducted a review of a Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC) “Questions and Answers” handout called “The Truth about Iron Mining Legislation." Our review of the non-partisan Wisconsin Legislative Council memo of February 1, 2013 to Senator Tom Tiffany and Representative Scott Suder and the language in AB 1/SB 1 as amended on February 6, 2013, makes it crystal clear that the bill reduces environmental protections for iron mining. Virtually every claim made by WMC to support the bill is false, misleading or both.