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Why a polluter grab bag bill would be bad for public rights to water

Jan 07, 2016

Assembly Bill 600 (and Senate Bill 459) would erode Wisconsin’s wetlands protections and conflict with basic tenants of our state constitution that protect the public’s access to water.

Climate Corner: Clean Water Demands Action

Jan 07, 2016

In light of concerns about climate change, defending our clean water resources is more important than ever. Fortunately, smart and brave citizens are leading the charge.

What you can do to support the protection of clean water and the Petition for Corrective Action

Dec 10, 2015

A lot of people in Wisconsin are asking us how they can sign onto the Petition for Corrective Action. The Petition is already in the hands of the EPA, but there are still things you can do to help.

Retired WI DNR staff and chiefs ask EPA for prompt action in Clean Water Act compliance

Dec 07, 2015

Letter to EPA from 45 former DNR staff decries lax permitting, staff cuts, and an "anti-science" political influence over the agency.

Appeals court opinion shows need for better state laws to protect downstream waters

Dec 02, 2015

State statutes are inadequate in allowing the DNR to fully comply with federal Clean Water Act laws and protect downstream water from upstream pollution.

Hunter “Protection” Efforts Gone Too Far

Oct 29, 2015

New bills proposed by legislators as necessary to protect hunters' rights offer little benefit while carrying legal risk and significant downsides for the citizens of Wisconsin.

Petition to EPA: Wisconsin Fails to Comply with Clean Water Act

Oct 20, 2015

On behalf of 16 Wisconsin residents, MEA files a Petition for Corrective Action with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

How cutting back on DNR environmental impact statements shuts out citizen voices

Jul 24, 2015

A growing number of activities exempted from environmental impact statements will have a ripple effect of public health and environmental impacts that may continue for decades to come.

New Report on Kewaunee County’s Water Crisis

Jun 11, 2015

Socially Responsible Agricultural Project report documents repeated violations of clean water laws by the county’s largest industrial livestock operations.

Citizens concerned with DNR process to permit rail expansion file legal challenge

Mar 09, 2015

Petitioners are asking the court to reverse the DNR’s decision to grant the permit and require the agency to prepare an environmental analysis that complies with the Wisconsin Environmental Policy Act.