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DNR Frac Sand Report Public Information Session Tuesday

Jul 25, 2016

Public review and comment can help improve agency’s Strategic Analysis

Why Laura supports sixteen citizens who asked the EPA for help in Wisconsin

Jun 09, 2016

She fought a polluter in court, but the costs of holding the state accountable for not following the Clean Water Act were staggering. Here's why she supports the Petition for Corrective Action.

Next steps for improving expired, general stormwater permits for frac sand mining

May 04, 2016

Water pollution management rules for the frac sand industry have needed updates since 2014 - and since frac sand mining first boomed. Improvements are coming, but more needs to be done.

Why Wisconsin’s Conservation Congress is where citizen voices matter in defending our water

Apr 07, 2016

On Monday, April 11, the public have a voice in a direct democratic venue for citizens to get meaningful protections for our environment. Defending our clean water will be a top issue.

Sunshine Week couldn’t have come at a better time for Wisconsinites.

Mar 17, 2016

An update on how we're working to help ensure meaningful access to open and transparent government records.

MEA Joins Environmental Groups to Call on EPA for Immediate Action in Kewaunee County

Mar 09, 2016

A year and a half after asking for EPA intervention under the Safe Drinking Water Act, local residents can no longer wait for clean water.

MEA Files Open Records Complaint Against Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Jan 25, 2016

Complaint cites unreasonable delays in providing open records information to the public.

Proposed bills put our public drinking water at risk

Jan 22, 2016

Public drinking water systems are too important to allow special interests to fast-track Assembly Bill 554 and Senate Bill 432 without meaningful public involvement.

Treating fish farms like factory farms is bad for the health of our water

Jan 22, 2016

MEA board member Dave Clausen explains why a legislative proposal would exempt the aquaculture industry’s requirement to follow laws that protect Wisconsin's water.

The Public Trust and AB 600 - a giveaway of public land and access to our water

Jan 13, 2016

Column from MEA's founding board member, Arlen Christenson, on why proposed legislation would violate constitutional protections for land held in the public trust by state government.