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Natural Resources Board: DNR to Study Frac Sand Statewide

Jan 28, 2015

With the recommendation of the DNR and the direction of the NRB, a strategic analysis of frac sand mining in Wisconsin will soon be underway with citizen input on the comprehensive study.

Chippewa County Board votes on frac sand study support Tuesday

Jan 12, 2015

A resolution in support of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to study frac sand mining is a vote for science, local control and making citizen voices matter.

The problem of expired, general stormwater permits and frac sand mining

Dec 11, 2014

The outdated permit system isn't working and is a part of the problem when frac sand mining pollutes our water.

Frac Sand Mine Now Must Monitor Dust, Air Quality

Dec 05, 2014

Citizen challenge to pollution permit achieves progress in protecting air quality.

Communities at Risk: New report looks at national scope of frac sand mining

Oct 07, 2014

While other states such as Minnesota and California have passed laws that protect residents from silica dust, Wisconsin's air quality protections have remained stagnant.

It’s time for a serious petition about the true cost of frac sand mining in Wisconsin

Sep 10, 2014

Citizens impacted by frac sand mining announce a new petition to the Natural Resources Board. Rules signed by Governor Walker could erase citizen petition rights.

Appeals Court Limits Citizen Challenge to Preferred Sands Frac Sand Mine Permit

Sep 09, 2014

At issue is whether or not citizens could challenge the DNR’s decision not to require emission testing, record keeping and reporting on fugitive dust control, or monitoring air quality.

MEA to DNR: Enbridge Pipeline Environmental Impact Statement Needed

May 19, 2014

Science-based decision making and meaningful citizen involvement is required before approving crude oil pipeline expansion between Superior, Wisconsin and Flanagan, Illinois.

Webinar: Environmental Concerns with Frac Sand Mining

Apr 15, 2014

Why silica sand mining (used in hydrofracturing for gas and oil) is creating a threat to the health of Wisconsin families and what citizens are doing to control this industrial mining activity.

Tremplealeau County Citizens Challenging DNR Frac Sand Mining Air Pollution Permit Approval

Apr 08, 2014

Contested case hearing will challenge permit that may allow air emissions that violate public health and air quality standards