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Frac sand mining Health Impact Assessment is not the final word on air quality impacts, human health

Jul 05, 2016

Report on industrial sand industry’s health impacts ignores mine neighbors’ air quality concerns, cumulative impacts.

Meet Anita, one of the residents of Lake Mills, WI working for clean air

Jul 30, 2015

For this rural community, balancing the needs of homeowners, businesses that depend on clean air, and an industrial poultry and manure processing facility is a work in progress.

Frac Sand Mine Now Must Monitor Dust, Air Quality

Dec 05, 2014

Citizen challenge to pollution permit achieves progress in protecting air quality.

Communities at Risk: New report looks at national scope of frac sand mining

Oct 07, 2014

While other states such as Minnesota and California have passed laws that protect residents from silica dust, Wisconsin's air quality protections have remained stagnant.

Appeals Court Limits Citizen Challenge to Preferred Sands Frac Sand Mine Permit

Sep 09, 2014

At issue is whether or not citizens could challenge the DNR’s decision not to require emission testing, record keeping and reporting on fugitive dust control, or monitoring air quality.

Midwest Environmental Advocates to Speak at Livestock Siting Law Review Listening Session Thursday

Apr 15, 2014

DATCP listening sessions for agriculture, agency, and environmental and citizen groups are being held this week in another step in the livestock siting law review process.

Tremplealeau County Citizens Challenging DNR Frac Sand Mining Air Pollution Permit Approval

Apr 08, 2014

Contested case hearing will challenge permit that may allow air emissions that violate public health and air quality standards

Fast Facts on Frac Sand Mining: Silica Dust, Air Quality and Our Health

Apr 07, 2014

Dust created during the mining, processing and transportation of silica (frac) sand is linked to silicosis and cancer. Other states are implementing better standards to protect air quality.

Frac Sand Bill Puts Interests of Industry First: SB 632 compromises citizen rights and local control

Mar 03, 2014

Without meaningful citizen input, SB 632 will have too many consequences for local governments to meet the unique, complex needs of communities dealing with negative impacts of frac sand mining.

Webinar: Citizen Voices Matter for Environmental Protection

Jan 18, 2014

Here are the basics on how citizens in Wisconsin are holding their government accountable for the decrease in environmental law enforcement.