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Industrial livestock waste: Wisconsin’s own inconvenient truth

Nov 20, 2014

The former Department of Natural Resources Chief of Runoff Management, speaks out about a massive and growing water quality problem in Wisconsin.

This is what life with Kewaunee County water is like

Nov 04, 2014

Lynda Cochart's story about living with water contaminiation in her rural Wisconsin home is why she's fighting for clean water in an area of the state with the most industrial livestock operations.

Victory in the Courts for Citizens Fighting for Clean Kewaunee County Water

Oct 30, 2014

A successful challenge to a water pollution permit issued by the DNR to an industrial livestock operation will help protect drinking wells in the Town of Lincoln.

Kewaunee County water problems need federal intervention

Oct 22, 2014

Today, environmental protection groups formally requested federal action on groundwater contamination issues in Wisconsin's rural Kewaunee County.

Natural Resources Board Decision Weakens Citizen Voices in Environmental Protection

Aug 14, 2014

Why the Natural Resources Board's approval of "emergency" rule changes  will take away citizens' power to ask the NRB for a strategic analysis of environmental and public health issues.

Why Water Crises in Toledo and the Gulf Matter to the Upper Midwest

Aug 07, 2014

Toledo's water is back on. But citizen concerns about whether we have green water or clean water could be eliminated due to a pending decision by Wisconsin's Natural Resources Board.

Make the Mississippi River a Critical Conservation Area

May 19, 2014

Signs of Congressional support from Wisconsin and Minnesota are a positive step toward improving Mississippi River basin water quality.

Midwest Environmental Advocates to Speak at Livestock Siting Law Review Listening Session Thursday

Apr 15, 2014

DATCP listening sessions for agriculture, agency, and environmental and citizen groups are being held this week in another step in the livestock siting law review process.

Webinar: Public Health Risks from Industrial Dairies

Mar 17, 2014

Here are the basics on how Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations threaten our health and our environment. And what citizens are doing to bring our economy and natural resources back into balance.

Frac Sand Bill Puts Interests of Industry First: SB 632 compromises citizen rights and local control

Mar 03, 2014

Without meaningful citizen input, SB 632 will have too many consequences for local governments to meet the unique, complex needs of communities dealing with negative impacts of frac sand mining.