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Barry Blonien: super volunteer

Jan 23, 2017

Blonien recognized as a Community Shares of Wisconsin Backyard Hero

If you picked up a copy of Isthmus this month, you may have seen that Community Shares of Wisconsin and Midwest Environmental Advocates recognized public interest attorney Barry Blonien for his exceptional volunteer contributions to environmental justice in Wisconsin. See and share the news about Backyard Hero Barry Blonien on Facebook.

The Board of Directors of Midwest Environmental Advocates first thanked Barry in November for his work with us. Barry has gone above and beyond to support MEA’s mission through pro bono legal assistance, law clerk education and lending his legal and technical expertise to the effort to promote government transparency and accountability.

Building a citizen-led Clean Water Act Enforcement Network

Barry’s work with MEA continues next month in Green Bay residents to become part of the Clean Water Act Enforcement Network. The Clean Water Action Council of Northeast Wisconsin

will host Barry and MEA staff attorney Jimmy Parra for a discussion about the ways in which the public can participate in Clean Water Act enforcement actions against polluters and to hear about Barry and Jimmy’s ongoing efforts to build an enforcement network in Northeast Wisconsin.

Building this network of citizens flexing their rights under the law is timelier than ever. When the state and federal government won’t hold polluters accountable, citizens have the power to sue polluters directly for environmental law violations. But while the ability to sue polluters directly in federal court is a powerful tool that can result in clean-up actions or hefty fines, successful lawsuits depend on evidence, legal expertise and citizens willing to take action to protect their natural resources.

The workshop will be on Monday, February 6 5:30-7:30 p.m., at the Brown County Library, 515 Pine St., Green Bay.

Madison-area supporter thank you party at Karben4, February 9!

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