Midwest Environmental Advocates is a nonprofit environmental law center that works for healthy water, air, land and government for this generation and the next. We believe that every citizen has the potential to make a difference.

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— We work with citizens, other environmental groups, neighborhood associations, faith groups and others to educate and build a grassroots coalition of concerned and empowered environmental advocates.

The Cleaner Valley Coalition

Midwest Environmental Advocates is proud to have been a part of the Cleaner Valley Coalition, a diverse coalition of organizations who advocated for the clean-up of We Energies’ coal-fired power plant in Milwaukee's Menomonee Valley.

UW-Madison Charter Street Coal Plant

Midwest Environmental Advocates represented Sierra Club in a suit that enforced water and land pollution laws. The University's coal fired power plant was allowing contaminated stormwater to runoff in to lakes and seep in to groundwater and soil.

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Xcel French Island Incinerator

On behalf of Wisconsin citizens, Midwest Environmental Advocates investigated the Xcel French Island Incinerator claims that they didn't need strict air regulations because they were a "small" incinerator. Turns out, they were wrong.

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