Midwest Environmental Advocates is a nonprofit environmental law center that works for healthy water, air, land and government for this generation and the next. We believe that every citizen has the potential to make a difference.

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— We work with citizens, other environmental groups, neighborhood associations, faith groups and others to educate and build a grassroots coalition of concerned and empowered environmental advocates.


ChemWorks is a centralized waste treatment facility in Milwaukee that has violated the terms of its wastewater discharge permit.

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Richland Center Renewable Energy

Midwest Environmental Advocates is representing a group of citizens near Richland Center who oppose another discharge of polluted wastewater to the Lower Wisconsin River system.

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Ballast Water and the Great Lakes

Recently, the EPA issued a Vessel General Permit that set limitations on discharges of ballast water by oceangoing and Great Lakes vessels. Midwest Environmental Advocates and National Wildlife Federation are appealing the DNR’s decision to approve this insufficiently protective permit.

Mississippi River Collaborative

Midwest Environmental Advocates plays a key role in implementation of the Clean Water Act and enforcement in the Mississippi River Basin, as part of the McKnight Mississippi River Water Quality Collaborative.

The Cleaner Valley Coalition

Midwest Environmental Advocates is proud to be part of the Cleaner Valley Coalition, a coalition of civil rights, environmental, faith, health and neighborhood organizations advocating for the clean-up of We Energies’ coal-fired power plant in the Menomonee Valley, in the heart of the city of Milwaukee.

Rosendale Dairy

Midwest Environmental Advocates worked with a Rosendale, WI, citizens group to protect their water, air and land from the impacts of the largest confined dairy operation in the state.

Andersen, et al. v. DNR

Clean Water Action Council of Northeast Wisconsin and National Wildlife Federation take on the state to fight for their right to public participation while upholding the laws of the Clean Water Act.

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Phosphorus Water Quality Standards in Wisconsin

Toxic algae in Wisconsin's lakes, rivers and streams is preventable. We support and defend science-based water quality standards backed by law and enforcement.

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Lake Beulah “Friend of the Court” Brief

Midwest Environmental Advocates worked with environmental groups to advocate for the public trust doctrine and protect the surface and groundwaters of our state.

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Domino, et al. v. Didion Ethanol

Didion Ethanol caused problems for citizens of Cambria, WI, for years. Neighbors stood up for their rights and demanded Didion stop discharging polluted waters to their Tarrant Lake.

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