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— The term 'litigation' refers to the process of bringing a dispute before a court of law. Litigation is only one of the many different actions we undertake to address environmental problems. Other types of actions include providing legal analysis and recommendations to local governments and nonprofit partners, reviewing and commenting on proposed state and federal legislation, and providing resources and referrals to citizens.

‘Friend of the Court’ Brief in League of Women Voters v. Evers

Midwest Environmental Advocates supports League of Women Voters' challenge to the constitutionality of the December 2018 extraordinary session.

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Kinnard Farms CAFO Water Pollution Permit Challenge

Citizens of the Town of Lincoln, Kewaunee County are concerned that the Kinnard Farms Inc. plan to manage 70 million gallons of untreated animal waste doesn’t protect groundwater from contamination.

Meteor Timber wetlands fill and frac sand facility

Meteor Timber, LLC seeks approval from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to destroy an unprecedented amount—16.25 acres—of pristine forested wetlands for a proposed industrial sand facility.

Dairy Business Association - DNR Settlement

Clean Water Action Council, Milwaukee Riverkeeper, Friends of the Central Sands and the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation successfully intervened in a lawsuit over DNR authority in CAFO pollution permitting.

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City of Racine Diversion Challenge

MEA challenge of DNR approval of City of Racine’s Great Lakes Diversion on behalf of League of Women Voters of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Riverkeeper, Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy, and River Alliance of Wisconsin.

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Kewaunee County - Five CAFO Permits

Kewaunee county residents get one hearing in response to Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources approval of five CAFO permits at once.

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Foxconn - Environmental Law Exemptions

An international electronics manufacturer plans to build a factory in Mount Pleasant, WI after state legislators exempted the company from state environmental protection laws.

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Improving livestock manure spreading rules and enforcement

Advocating for improvements in manure spreading, runoff management and non-point source performance standards in environmental law enforcement in Wisconsin (NR 151).

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“Friend of the Court” Brief in Clean Wisconsin v. DNR

Midwest Environmental Advocates supports Clean Wisconsin’s high-capacity well challenge in defense of waters protected by the Public Trust Doctrine of Wisconsin’s Constitution.

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Petition to EPA to object to Wisconsin Proppants, LLC air permit

Jackson County, WI mining operation air pollution permit proposed without Clean Air Act compliance regarding estimating, monitoring or controlling fine particulate matter (PM2.5).