Midwest Environmental Advocates is a nonprofit environmental law center that works for healthy water, air, land and government for this generation and the next. We believe that every citizen has the potential to make a difference.

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Citizen Voices Matter

At Midwest Environmental Advocates, we believe that citizen voices matter.

Our communities face some of the most pressing environmental challenges in Wisconsin, and it is the courage and power of people standing together that protect our healthy water, air and land for this generation and the next.

These are their stories.

You can help: Share their voices today.

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Bob Martini Clean Water Act Champion

Will Wawryzn Milwaukee River Defender

Patricia Chabot Natural Resources Protector

Tom Thoresen Environmental law enforcer

Ken Wade Retired DNR hydrogeologist

Doug Jones Norton's Slough Protector

Allie Raven Bad River Defender

Jim Swanson Red Cedar Basin Champion

Dave Marshall Wisconsin River Protector

John Domino Lake Tarrant Defender

April Stone Lake Superior Protector

Lynn and Nancy Utesch Kewaunee Water Defenders

Cheryl Nenn Milwaukee Riverkeeper

Timm Zumm Lower Wisconsin Riverway Defender

Bill Iwen Kewaunee Water Defender

Dean Hoegger Green Bay Watershed Protector

Ron Grasshoff Lodi Valley Waters Protector

Elaine Swanson Pickett land defender

Robert Mann Executive Director, Historic Preservation, Ho-Chunk Nation

Dr. Crispin Pierce Environmental Public Health, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire

Donna Brogan Resident of Trempealeau County, WI

The Winey Family Residents of Trempealeau County, WI

Jeff Wilson and Terry Daulton Residents of Iron County, WI

Tom Podlesny Bad River Watershed Association

Landis and Steven Spickerman Hermit Creek Farm

Bill Heart Penokee Hills Education Project

Pete Rasmussen Penokee Hills Education Project

Sustainable Economies Landis and Steven Spickerman

John Patrick Bad River Conservation Warden

Mike Wiggins Jr. Chairman, Bad River Tribe

Joe Rose Sr. Bad River Tribal Elder

Dinelle, Marisa and Dakota Bad River Tribal Youth

Bad River Tribe Eco Defense Committee Members

Arlene & Hiroshi Kanno "People can have a voice, but you have to work at it"

Guy Wolf A 10-year wait for healthier air

Jayme Montgomery-Baker Keeping public water systems public

Mic Ishem Because any amount of contamination is unacceptable

The Treml Family Defending the family homestead's water from contamination