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Rob Lee

Attorney / Thomas L. Shaffer Fellow

Rob earned a political science degree from the University of Arkansas and a law degree from the University of Notre Dame. During law school, he was a GLOBES Environment and Society Fellow, served as President of the Environmental Law Society, and received the award for Outstanding Achievement in Energy and Environmental Law. Rob also spent summers working as a legal intern at the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and as a law clerk at Midwest Environmental Advocates.

Growing up in the Ozarks, Rob immersed himself in the great outdoors and eventually developed an interest in environmental protection. Thankful to be doing anything outside, Rob particularly enjoys hiking, fly fishing, and photography. As a Shaffer Fellow, Rob will work to bolster MEA’s capacity to protect Wisconsin’s water resources and the health of the communities relying on them.

Rob can be reached at rlee@midwestadvocates.org.