Midwest Environmental Advocates is a nonprofit environmental law center that works for healthy water, air, land and government for this generation and the next. We believe that every citizen has the potential to make a difference.

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Contact Us

Concerned about an environmental problem in your community?

Midwest Environmental Advocates provides support to individuals and organizations who have questions about environmental law or problems in their communities. 

For questions about your rights and natural resource protections or to contact our legal department for assistance:

               Call - (608) 251-5047 x 9

Do you have an emergency (like an environmental law violation or a hazardous spill)? Call the DNR Violation Hotline or Emergency Spill Hotline:

               Violation hotline (Call or Text) - 1-800-847-9367

               Emergency spill hotline (24 hours) - 1-800-943-0003

               The DNR's violation and emergency spill hotlines provide Wisconsin citizens with the opportunity to confidentially report suspected environmental violations using a toll-free number. The hotline numbers are in operation 7 days a week. Trained staff relay reported information to DNR conservation wardens. Anyone who calls the hotline or provides information can remain anonymous. To file a violation report online, or for more information, visit https://dnr.wi.gov/Contact/hotline.html

For questions about your donation, an upcoming event, how to volunteer or other ways to support our law center:

               Call - (608) 251-5047 x 0

               Email - advocate@midwestadvocates.org

For media inquiries regarding our work:

               Call - (608) 251-5047 x 3

For all other questions:

               Call - (608) 251-5047 x 0

               Email - advocate@midwestadvocates.org

In the meantime, make sure to check our resources for information and guides that may give you an idea on first steps to pursue.