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Alana McKeever


Alana began her career at Yumbutter, a socially and environmentally responsible nut butter company where she served as Director of Marketing (and part-owner) and now The Kombucha Shop, a kombucha supply company that also has a focus on social and environmental responsibility, as their Chief Operating Officer. Through these ventures, she has had the opportunity to gain experience in most aspects of running small, rapidly-growing companies, especially as it relates to marketing and HR, but also operations and sales.

She currently serves on the board of WI Microfinance, which exists to provide small loans to those living in extreme poverty, especially in countries whose economies are still recovering from natural disasters.

As her career path would suggest, Alana loves health and wellness. Cooking, CrossFit, and meditation are regular parts of her life. She also loves to write, and dreams of writing best-selling non-fiction books and giving a TED Talk one day.

Her interest in land conservation has been a recurring part of her life. Growing up on America’s largest independent turkey farm led to the cecision to become vegetarian when she was 12 years old. The constant battles my family experienced with the EPA led to her to call into question what it would take to build a livelihood without harming others.

While a student at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, she founded a club called the “Ethical and Responsible Business Network.” The purpose was to educate students and businesses in the ways in which sustainability and profitability go hand in hand, provide hands-on experience in real-life business planning, and to instill the knowledge, skills, and commitment to be ethical and responsible business leaders.

Alana’s goal is to use business strategies and skills to help organizations run more strategically, efficiently, and in ways that lead to a happier and healthier planet.